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This configuration file has all the object related HBM file reference.

Hibernate can be used in persistence layer, along with DAO (Data Access
Object) wrapper. Why DAO wrapper? to my understanding, it is always    
advisable to hide any hibernate and SQL exception in DAO and provide 
application with its own exception type.  This makes other layer like
business and presentation makes some sense of this exception, and by this
way we can achieve decoupling of persistence related implementation from
other layer.

In future if some other better utility available to us, application should
be able to grow and accept this utility with minimal impact in terms of
code changes.

ORM Object Relational Mapping tool, the name suggests that it is a tool
that is providing a mapping	between Java Object to RDBMS (Relational 
Database Management System). basically it provides a wrapper over all 
sorts of access to database, and provides some simple methods for Java 
developers to use, and these tools writes appropriate SQL (Structured 
Query Language) to persist data available in Java Objects to appropriate
database tables, of course by looking at all the configurations / settings
mentioned in respective configuration files.

In todays enterprise world, only persisting data into database is not enough,
these mapping tools should transparently be able to propagate transactions 
initiated by caller as well. And these ORM tools should be having some ways
to perform better and scale too. Many ORM tools are available, out of these 
Hibernate is a Open Source ORM tool that is growing nicely and is accepted
by wide customer base.

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