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Java Interview Questions with Answer

 In any interview, be it Java,
 J2EE, JMS, JDBC, JSP, Servlet
 Technologies, it is paid to be 
 prepared with basic questions 
 and with common sense in place.
 As an interviewer I have observed
 many times, potential candidates
 tend to forget some basic concepts
 and try to give some complicated
 answers including some of the    
 tools or Technologies those they
 have heard but never worked on,
 and thus giving interviewer a   
 chance to explore on those     
 Technologies and making it     
 difficult for the candidate to be
 in self confidence. Once this   
 happens, it might comes out to 
 be very difficult for the candidate
 to be in control of what he is 
 talking and trying to answer to 
 the questions from interviewer. 
I think, purpose of the interview is to find a right candidate for the requirement in hand, for this it is always good to have the resume reflect only those Technologies those are well practiced/aware of, and not just mentioned as per project/project software used. Sometimes I have seen resumes showing Apache ANT, even if it is used for the build purpose and used by the SCM (Software Configuration Management) or build/release teams, and developer has not done any contribution to it, but by mentioning it in resume, one has to do some homework or understanding of Apache ANT, so that he can answer at least basic questions on this. Like some common Java Interview Questions with answer are as follows: Java Interview Question 1. What is basic principles of OOP? Java Interview Answer : Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritence, Polymorphism are the basic principles of Object Oriented Programming. Java Interview Question 2. What is difference between abstraction and encapsulation? Java Interview Answer : Abstraction is looking at anything from a specific context, like for example Televison, from viewer's context, it is just an entertainment box, but from actor's context, it is a medium to get popular. So in this example entertainment and popularity are two abstraction of Television. Encapsulation is the way of providing a wrapper over the implementation. Different colorful mobile cases are the encapsulation over mobile phone, by this we are able to hide the internal mechanism of mobile and be able to provide some of the switches to user to properly and easily use mobile phone. These answers are my understanding only and cann't be deemed as acurate and error free.
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